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FrankenTurbo hybrid K04 turbo for Audi S4 A6 2.7T. Hybrid turbocharger kit for Audi 2.7T Bi-Turbo Engines Pricing starts at $1699
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The Audi Rs4 platforms and engines.The original Audi Rs4 was introduced in 1999/2000 under the B5 Platform as a 5 door hatch station wagon called the Audi Rs4 Avant. This sweet ride was equipped with a 2.7T 6 cylinder Twin turbo engine equipped with BorgWarner Ko4 turbo's. This model was only available till 2001.Af ...
Get the best deals on Turbo Chargers & Parts for Audi S4 when you shop ... OEM Audi B5 Rs4 S4 Borg Warner KKK Ko4 Turbochargers ... A6 2.7L Allroad Audi RS4 S4 B5 ... May 30, 2015 · Since there are a lot of new 16v turbo projects being built/rebuilt and some new parts coming out it's time for another ultimate 16vt info thread (archived?). The point of this thread is to compare setups and offer advice / information. Check and Compare Ko4 Audi B5 S4 A6 2.7T KO4 Turbo Upgrades. The KO4 turbo are offered in 40 and 42mm with billet Compressor Wheels. This Is a Great Turbo Upgrade Option.
http://audis4parts.com/2.7t-aftermarket-items/00-02-audi-b5-s4-2.7t-oem-ko4-turbos-with-inlets/ Turbos Are in excellent Shape with no shaft play! Turbos come with black inlets seen in photo and Y-pipe couplers. Any questions please give us a call at 520-204-1483 M-F 8am-4pm PST or email at [email protected] Audi A3 Diy Mods
BILLET RS6 K04-028/029 kO4 Turbo Charger A6,b5 s4 ALLROAD 2.7T 99-04, RS4 4.2 » STAGE 3 K04-025/026, rs4 inlets, downpipes, rs6 smic, diverters+more » BASIC STAGE 3 b5 S4 K04- 025/026 RS4, EV14 550CC INJECTORS inlets 500whp proven »
Did a quick pull last night with my friend Dan. He has a GT28R car (not rs). He is making about 700hp. His powerband is about 4500rpm to 8000rpm. My powerband is 3000rpm to 6800rpm and I am about 500hp. This is a short pull from 40-100mph. He didnt have enough room to really get on it... Upgrade Turbo For Audi Rs4 S4 2.7 K04-025 K04-026 Turbocharger B5 A6 Quattro 3 Turbo . 3 Turbo Downpipe Exhaust 2.0t Decat Fits Vw Golf Gti Jetta Audi A3 06+ Turbo Charger .
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