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Find the volume of the pyramid. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. h -.L6q)In) 8.1 mm 15.2 mm 12.5 mm h = 3.1 6. Find the volume of a hexagonal pyramid with a base area of 25 ft2 and a height of 9 ft. guk 17 in. 6 in. 4 in. The area of the base of a hexagonal pyramid 24 cm: Find its volume. tan 300 4 vã cm h 4 cm
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PDF Pass Chapter 7 43 Glencoe Algebra 2 Use a calculator to evaluate each expression to the nearest ten-thousandth. 1. log 101 2. log 2.2 3. log 0.05 Use the formula pH =-log [H+] to find the pH of each substance given its concentration of hydrogen ions. Round to the nearest tenth. 4. milk: [H+] = 2.51 × 10-7 mole per liter
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1) Round 726, 529 to the nearest ten-thousand. ten 000 (6 pts) 2) Find the perimeter and area of the following rectangle (don't forget to use proper units!) lelcM 52cm a) Perimeter: ( adl 12 cm 12 cm 14 cm sq cm b) Area: C
For each zoo in the chart, round the attendance to the nearest hundred thousand. 30. Number Sense Write four numbers that round to 700,000 when rounded to the nearest hundred thousand. 31. A forest ranger correctly rounded the number of visitors to a park one summer to be 120,000 visitors. Which of the following could have been the actual number of
However, rounding 250 and 845 to the nearest ten gives 250 + 850 = 1100. Notice this time, however, that you get the same answer for the estimate. Therefore, either rounding to the nearest 100 or to the nearest 10 will yield a good estimate. The exact answer is 250 + 845 = 1095. Rounding 986 and 220 to the nearest hundred gives 1000 + 200 = 1200. 3510.854 Round to the nearest thousands. 583.795 Round to the nearest whole number. 583.8. 583.795 Round to the nearest tenths. 65. 65.483 Round to the nearest whole ... Rounding to other values Rounding to a specified multiple. The most common type of rounding is to round to an integer; or, more generally, to an integer multiple of some increment — such as rounding to whole tenths of seconds, hundredths of a dollar, to whole multiples of 1/2 or 1/8 inch, to whole dozens or thousands, etc.
EXPLANATION. We want to round. to the nearest hundred thousand. The digit in the hundred thousand position is '2'. The immediate digit to it's right is 5. So we round up to obtain. 300,000 cm³.Sep 04, 2018 · Title: Rounding to the Nearest Ten-Thousand Worksheet 2 Author: Created Date: 7/23/2014 10:23:57 AM
Grade 1 Rounding Grade 1 Please do not write on this sheet 1 Write 6.47 correct to 1 decimal place. (1) 2 Write 376 to the nearest hundred. (1) 3 Write 5829 to the nearest thousand. (1) 4 Write 7518 to the nearest hundred. (1) 5 Write 1485 to the nearest thousand. (1) 6 Write 2.79 correct to 1 decimal place. (1)
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